A Fresh Approach

Al Marwan established in 1998
Today, we view exhibition industry as a challenge and an effective business opportunity a change to turn a problem into a solution and brings values for brands and marketers. In spite of all present market powers, the ME markets are growing at tremendous pace. Therefore, AL Marwan brought new standards to the business through sound practices, research, innovation, and investment in new technology while taking care of the environment and our ecosystem, at our best possibilities

Our Vision

  • To inspire people around us to grow and interact positively.
  • To sustain a dynamic win-win balance among each other.
  • A leading position for both private and public sectors.

Our Mission

Anticipation / Integration
Since our foundation (a UAE based company) Al Mawan introduced numerous innovative designs for its clients. We are known as a reliable, trust worthy partner for leading organizations because of our creative advance concepts, our outstanding high quality / attractive visibility stands that meet our client’s requirements and more

Business Strategy

  • Innovate through Research & Development
  • Empower image & identity
  • Invest in new technology
  • Be always in touch with the market
  • Quality partners and exchanging information, knowledge, expertise and profits
  • Human resources are the most valuable assets to our company