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Who is Al Marwan Machinery?

Al Marwan is a leading provider of heavy construction equipment in the UAE and MENA region. We offer a wide range of new and used machinery for industries such as construction, mining, quarries, and oil & gas. We are the exclusive dealers for several renowned equipment brands and also provide heavy machinery attachments. Our fleet includes various types of machinery, and we offer fast and reliable OEM spare parts. We are a comprehensive one-stop shop for all heavy equipment needs.

What is heavy machinery?

Heavy machinery refers to commercial or industrial vehicles designed for heavy-duty applications. Generally, any vehicle over 2 tons is considered heavy equipment. Excavators, bulldozers, cranes, dump trucks, wheel loaders, and forklifts are examples of heavy machinery.

I have a question about a specific machine, who can I turn to?

For any specific machine on, you can refer to the listing's comprehensive information, including visual content, description, inspection reports, and delivery/payment details. If you require further assistance, you can contact directly through email on, phone call/WhatsApp on +971565433222 as indicated on the website.

Is my information safe on Al Marwan?

Yes, your information is safe on Al Marwan. We have measures in place to protect your data and we do not share it without your consent. Advanced cloud systems are used to secure your billing and personal details.

What happens when I mark a vehicle as a favorite?

When you mark a vehicle as a favorite on, it is added to your wishlist. This action does not reserve the machine but notifies of your interest. We may contact you to provide assistance based on your preferences.

Can I see the machine physically?

Yes, you can visit our yards in the UAE to see the machines physically. The locations of the yards are provided on the website, and customers are welcome to walk in for inspection and purchase. We have three main yards open in Sharjah and Dubai. Visit to know more about our open hours.

How can I buy equipment on

To buy equipment on - Express interest in brand-new equipment to get more information. - Make an offer for used equipment without a displayed price. - Add equipment with a specified price to your cart for purchase.

I would like to finance my machine, how can I do that?

Al Marwan offers a range of financing options, and customers can apply for financing through the website by providing the required information and supporting documents. The application process is followed by notification and further communication to facilitate the financing process. Customers can also contact us for any additional inquiries related to heavy machinery financing.

How do I make an offer on

To make an offer on, simply click the "make offer" button on the listing of the used machinery you're interested in. Set your desired price for the machine and proceed to pay the refundable booking fee, usually around $25. Once your offer is submitted, we will review it and respond accordingly. We may accept your offer, reject it, or make a counteroffer. During the negotiation process, we may reach out to you for further information or clarification.

What is the booking fee? And is it refundable in case of acceptance, rejection, or withdrawal?

The booking fee is a nominal amount that customers are required to pay when making an offer on a used machine for sale on This fee is typically around $25 and is refundable in case the offer is rejected or if the customer decides to withdraw their offer. However, if the offer is accepted, the booking fee will be deducted from the total price of the machine purchased.

Do you offer a warranty or guarantee for new and used equipment purchased on

Al Marwan offers warranties for brands and models of new equipment which we are official dealers of, with varying durations and coverage. Used equipment, which is beyond the warranty period, does not come with warranties or guarantees.

Do I pick up my equipment or is it delivered?

When purchasing heavy machinery on, customers have two options. They can either choose self-pickup, where they are responsible for arranging transportation and must pick up the item from the yard within 8 business days, or they can opt for delivery, which provides worldwide shipping to the nearest port. It's important to note that the shipping estimate provided is not final, and actual shipping costs may vary. Delivery times and fees are estimated and not guaranteed.

Can I rent heavy machinery on

Yes, you can rent heavy machinery on Al Marwan's website. Simply visit the rental section and browse through the available options. You can customize your rental preferences, such as the type of machinery, brand, and attachments. The website makes it easy to find and customize your rental equipment.

Will Al Marwan rent machinery to me if I do not have a credit/bank account?

Yes. We not only accept cash payments for heavy machinery rentals but also actively support small businesses and contractors. We understand the unique challenges faced by these individuals and provide flexible payment options to accommodate their needs. Whether you prefer cash payments or have other financial arrangements, we are committed to assisting and empowering small businesses and contractors in accessing the equipment they require for their projects.

How can I add an item to my cart?

To add an item to your cart on, there are a few options available. If you're interested in a specific item listed for sale, you can click the "buy now" button on the listing to add it directly to your cart. Additionally, if you "make an offer" on a listing, that offer will also be added to your cart. Furthermore, if you apply for financing within a listing, it will automatically be added to your cart. Alternatively, if you want to save an item for future reference without purchasing it immediately, you can click the "heart" button on the listing to add it to your wishlist. This allows you to keep track of items you're interested in, even if they are not currently in your cart.

Do you offer rental protection for the equipment I rent on

We provide basic insurance coverage for our own machines that are rented out. However, hirers are responsible for arranging any additional insurance or protection required based on regional regulations, project needs, and specific equipment hired. It is advisable to consult with insurance providers and discuss coverage requirements with our team for the rental process.

Do I need an account (to buy or rent machines) on

No account is required for browsing machinery listings on However, to make offers, place bids, leave inquiries, or add items to your cart, you need to log in/register or create a free account.

What are the payment options available?

Al Marwan offers multiple payment options, including debit/credit card payment, manual bank transfer, buy-now-pay-later (BNPL), and online wire transfer. Customers can choose the method that suits them best for completing their purchase.

Do you offer heavy machinery repair or maintenance services?

Al Marwan offers heavy machinery repair services for rental equipment and regular maintenance services for supported brands within warranty periods.

Are all machines on checked thoroughly?

Yes, all used machines listed for sale on undergo thorough inspections. Detailed inspection reports with ratings and comments are provided for each machine, covering various aspects of their condition. Expert mechanics and technicians conduct these inspections to assess the operational capacity and service life of the vehicles. Customers can also visit the yard and hire their own inspector for an independent inspection if desired.

How do I book a maintenance appointment/service ticket on

To book a maintenance appointment or service ticket on, follow these steps: Navigate to the website's home menu. Click on the "Maintenance" section. Choose the type of maintenance service you require: Repair Service: This option is available for machines we rent out. It includes two types of repairs: On-site Repair: The repair is conducted at the machine's location. Workshop Repair: The machine is recovered and repaired at our workshop. - Regular Service: This service is scheduled for the brands we represent. It is typically done every 1000 hours or 1 year of operation, as per the warranty package purchased. By selecting the appropriate service option, you can proceed with booking a maintenance appointment or service ticket for your specific needs.

What kind of heavy equipment repairs can be handled on-site?

We can conduct heavy machinery repairs and maintenance on site in the field. Our service teams, equipped with a complete inventory of heavy equipment spare parts, can resolve minor issues on-site and in many cases will not require any replacement part to be shipped.

How will my equipment be taken to the workshop?

Al Marwan has a team of service personnel who will carry and move the equipment to our in-house workshop. We have a fleet of trucks and trailers to help you move your heavy equipment to the workshop, where it will be repaired or maintained.

How do I contact your workshop?

You can find information about the nearest heavy equipment workshop to you on our contact us page.

What happens to my deposit when I cancel my order on

For canceled orders on, customers will need to follow the specific refund process based on their scenario, whether it's regarding a booking fee refund or a cancellation of a purchased item. It's important to contact Al Marwan's sales team to initiate the cancellation and discuss the refund process, which may vary depending on the cycle of the order.

Deposits paid of any amount to purchase a machine are non- refundable.

How do I change my delivery address after ordering a machine?

Upon purchasing a machine on, customers have two options: self pick-up or delivery/shipping. If a customer needs to change their delivery address or mode of delivery, they should contact Al Marwan via email at to make the necessary amendments.

How do I check on the status of my order?

To check the status of your order on Al Marwan's website, you can contact customer service during business hours or keep an eye on email and other notifications for regular updates on the progress of your order.

What happens after I place my order?

After placing your order on - Provide shipping and payment details during checkout. - Receive a confirmation email. - Address any additional details or adjustments with the sales team if needed. - For credit card payments, the amount may be adjusted based on actual shipping costs. - For manual bank transfers, the item is reserved for 48 hours until payment confirmation is received, then the shipping process begins.

Is my payment secure on

Yes, your payment is secure on We use global standard secured payment methods to protect your personal and billing information. Multiple online and offline payment methods are available for customers to choose from, ensuring a secure and convenient payment process.

Can I replace a piece of equipment or spare part for another instead of requesting a refund?

Yes. You can put in a request for a different part instead of a refund or a return. You can connect with customer service and they will provide you with the current rates for exchange or a refund as appropriate.

How can I order machinery spare parts on Al Marwan?

To order heavy machinery spare parts on our website, you can navigate to the spare parts portal, add the part number and the VIN of your machine and hit search. The desired part will appear and you can then proceed to check out. If, for instance, the part you need is not found on the website, you can contact us to check availability and arrange one for you.

Do you provide rebuilt replacement parts?

We provide both new and rebuilt replacement parts for a range of heavy machinery. Our spare parts specialists will be able to recommend the best replacement part for your needs.

How quickly do you stock heavy equipment spare parts for service?

Our heavy equipment spare parts inventory is regularly stocked with dealer brands giving us a rapid response rate to orders. We also offer new and used attachments for sale all year round.

Can I order parts in bulk?

Yes, select offers are available in bulk for heavy equipment spare parts.

Can someone help me to find the right parts for my machine?

We want to make sure you can find the right replacement part, which is why we provide compatibility confirmation. You can find a list of different makes and models on our website. You can also contact our customer service team by email or phone who will confirm the compatibility of your particular item.

What brands of heavy equipment spare parts do you provide?

We provide a range of OEM brands to help you find the heavy equipment spare parts you're looking for. We have Kobelco, Dynapac, and Komatsu, among other options.

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