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6 Quick Tips to Keep Your Machine Cool this Summer

2 June, 2023
By Al Marwan
6 Quick Tips to Keep Your Machine Cool this Summer

During the summer, your machine is prone to get a great deal of damage because of the heat, leading to costly downtime. To prevent this, we’ve put together a short checklist for you to follow to save on unnecessary service costs and boost the service life of your machine.

  1. Check coolant solution regularly

The cooling system prevents the engine and hydraulic systems from overheating by removing excess heat and maintaining optimal temperatures during operation. It uses the radiator, cooling fan, and coolant fluid to dissipate heat and keep the equipment running efficiently.

You should flush and replace coolant fluid once a year, perform annual pressure tests on your cooling system, and check hoses for any wear and tear.

  1. Clean your machine properly

When your machine is not cleaned routinely, dust will eventually build up in the machine, blocking the airflow and preventing cool air from coming in. Therefore, it is advised to clean your machine on a regular basis. You can easily keep your radiator in good shape by using an air compressor to clean it.

  1. Schedule regular service

Also known as preventive maintenance, conducting these regular service checks allows you to avoid future problems. You should check fluid levels, coolant solution, and grease all necessary parts. Taking advanced precautions can help you avoid expensive downtime.

  1. Work outside peak hours

Peak summer hours typically range between 10 am and 2 pm, when the sun is at its strongest. Scheduling work outside peak hours will not only benefit your machine, but also your operators. Chances of sun damage and heat strokes are significantly lower during the later hours of the day.

A picture showcasing the robust Kobelco excavator being used in the desert

Did you know that small and medium Kobelco excavators come with an outstanding cooling system that protects the engine from ever overheating? Making it the perfect machine for desert operations!

  1. Cool machines down whenever possible

There’s a good chance you won’t be using your machine at all times throughout the project. In such circumstances, it is strongly recommended that you shut down your machine or put it on sleep mode.

Bonus tip: Keep in mind that you should let the engine idle a little bit before you shut it down completely. This allows it to cool down gradually and prevent potential damage from abrupt temperature changes.

  1. Sleep/store your machine in the shade

The best way to beat the heat of the summer sun is to stay out of it! Whenever possible, try to move your machine to a shaded area, whether you’re just idling it or shutting down work for the moment. It is advisable to do so since it will significantly lower your machine’s chances of overheating. Implementing these steps throughout the summer will definitely help your machine and keep it as operational as possible during the season. Preventive measures such as these can cut costs for your business. Speaking of summer, did you check out our summer sale yet? Click the link to view the discounted prices.

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