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From Blueprint to Reality: The Making of Tilal City

8 June, 2023
By Al Marwan
From Blueprint to Reality: The Making of Tilal City

When Tilal Properties embarked on the ambitious Tilal City Masterplan project in Al Tay Suburb, Sharjah, UAE, they sought a trusted partner who could bring their grand vision to life. This is where our journey with Tilal City began.

Tilal City was envisioned as a sprawling community spread across a vast 25 million square feet, designed to encompass a mix of residential, retail, leisure, and living facilities. The scope of the project was extensive, involving the development of essential infrastructure such as sewage, electrical, gas, irrigation, and stormwater networks. The sheer scale and complexity of the project posed significant challenges, requiring the expertise and resources of an experienced machinery plant operator.

Efficient Resource Management

Al Marwan machines preparing the site for major infrastructure works at Tilal City

As Al Marwan took charge of the project, the primary objective was to ensure the timely completion of the various construction milestones. With a total project value of AED 480 million and an expansive area to cover, meeting deadlines was paramount. However, with the support of our fleet of 180 state-of-the-art machines, the project progressed smoothly.

One of the key challenges faced during the Tilal City project was efficient resource management. Al Marwan played a crucial role in optimizing resource allocation by providing 358 highly skilled operators who expertly maneuvered our machines, as well as had multiple mobile workshops on standby. We ensured that the machines were utilized effectively, resulting in enhanced productivity and reduced downtime.

Tailored Solutions

Komatsu D155A dozers grading the plot for the residential and commercial structures at Tilal City

Every project comes with its unique set of challenges, and Tilal City was no exception. We collaborated closely with the project team to identify and address specific hurdles along the way. Through continuous communication and a proactive approach, we developed tailored solutions to overcome obstacles promptly. This had been demonstrated through our prompt modification of the machines used, and the mobility it offered throughout the course of the project.

Tilal City aimed to set new benchmarks in luxurious living, and Al Marwan was committed to upholding those standards. Our advanced equipment played a vital role in ensuring the highest quality of construction. The precision and reliability of our machines helped deliver outstanding results, leaving a lasting impression on the Tilal City landscape.

Exceeding Expectations

A picture of the asphalt team finishing the roadways at Tilal City using tipper trucks, pavers, rollers, and skid loaders

Thanks to the seamless partnership between Tilal Properties and Al Marwan, the Tilal City Masterplan project was completed successfully, exceeding expectations. The dedication and expertise of our operators, coupled with the exceptional performance of our machinery, were instrumental in achieving the desired outcomes. Sharjah's $653 million Tilal City now stands as a testament to the vision and commitment of the parties involved.

The Tilal City project holds a special place in Al Marwan's portfolio. It symbolizes our ability to undertake and excel in challenging endeavors, delivering transformative solutions that shape the landscape of our communities. Our partnership with Tilal Properties has not only strengthened our resolve but also solidified our reputation as a trusted provider of heavy construction equipment in the UAE.

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