Titans Unearthed: Top 5 Largest Loaders in the World

5 July, 2023
By Al Marwan
Titans Unearthed: Top 5 Largest Loaders in the World

In the world of heavy equipment, wheel loaders are true workhorses, capable of tackling massive loads and powering through the toughest terrains. These engineering marvels play a vital role in various industries, from mining to quarrying, where their size, power, and versatility make them indispensable. Today, Al Marwan will delve into the realm of colossal wheel loaders and uncover the giants that dominate the industry. Join us as we unveil the world's largest wheel loaders, their jaw-dropping specifications, and the common applications that harness their impressive capabilities.

The 5 Largest Loaders in the World

Read on to find out the biggest wheel loaders in the world ever made, small to large.

1. Belaz 78250:

The Belaz 78250 large 108-ton wheel loader- courtesy of Belaz:
courtesy of Belaz:

Starting the list of the world’s largest wheel loaders from bottom to top, the Belaz 78250 opens the door. With a staggering 108 metric tons and a bucket capacity of 11 cubic meters, this front end loader is fueled by a 1050 HP Cummins engine. Built in Belarus, the Belaz 78250 large wheel loader is known to shine in mining operations where moving large quantities of materials is a day-to-day task.

2. XCMG XC9350:

The XCMG XC9350 large 150-ton wheel loader. Courtesy of
Courtesy of:

This is China’s largest piece of heavy machinery (loader speaking), the XCMG XC9350 takes the fourth place on our list with a considerable weight of 150 tons and a bucket capacity of 18 m3. This loader is propelled by a robust 1300 HP engine, and is seen to be the star of many mining sites across the far east.

3. CAT 995:

Caterpillar (CAT) 995 large 245-ton wheel loader. Courtesy of
Courtesy of

At number three, standing tall a machine with an immense weight of 245 tons and a whopping bucket capacity of 44 m3, the 995 is the biggest CAT loader. Powered by a CAT 3516E engine delivering an electrifying 1870 HP, it takes on the most demanding mining and quarrying tasks with unmatched performance and reliability.

CAT’s largest loader predecessors, the Caterpillar 993K and 994K, have been ruling the size class in Cat’s books for a very long time before the 995 was first introduced in 1990. The Middle East region has always been one of Caterpillar’s biggest operators, until the next two players on our list entered the market.

4. Komatsu WE1850:

Komatsu WE1850 (aka Komatsu P&H L-1850) large 268-ton wheel loader. Courtesy of:
Courtesy of:

The Komatsu WE1850 leaves a lasting impression with its weight of 268 tons and a bucket capacity of 31 m3, equipped with a robust 2000 HP Cummins engine. Also known as the Komatsu P&H L-1850, big mining fanatics know (and love to let people know) that Komatsu included this machine in its product line after acquiring energy services and equipment company LeTourneau Technologies from Rowan Companies for just 1.1B USD in 2011.

5. Komatsu WE2350:

Komatsu WE2350 (aka Komatsu P&H L-2350) large 276-ton wheel loader. Courtesy of:
Courtesy of:

Our gold medalist for the topic, setting the bar at a jaw-dropping 276 tons and boasting an astounding bucket capacity of 53 m3, we have the Komatsu WA2350 wheel loader (also known as the Komatsu P&H L-2350). It runs on a robust 2300 HP engine, making it officially the world’s largest wheel loader ever made.

Before we round up the list of the top 5 world’s largest wheel loaders, we’re entering (a bonus) two of our very own loaders to the race.

6. Komatsu WA600:

Komatsu WA600 large 63-ton wheel loader.

Our Komatsu WA600 wheel loader combines a weight of 63 tons with a maximum bucket capacity of 7 m3. Fueled by a reliable 530 HP engine, this loader delivers unmatched versatility and efficiency, and it has helped many of our clients run their quarry sites in RAK and UAQ at full capacity.

7. Komatsu WA900:

Komatsu WA900 large 116-ton wheel loader.

As one of the crown jewels in our fleet, the Komatsu WA900 wheel loader boasts an operating weight of 116 tons and an impressive bucket capacity of 11 m3. With a commanding 900 HP engine, it sets new standards of operator comfort, precise controls, and unmatched productivity. Did you watch the assembly process of this beast of a machine on our YouTube channel? Go check it out!

In the world of heavy equipment, the realm of wheel loaders is dominated by colossal machines that redefine the meaning of power, efficiency, and performance. From the Belaz 78250 to the Komatsu WA2350, these giants shape industries worldwide, enabling efficient material handling and excavation on an extraordinary scale.

The medium Komatsu WA470 wheel loader shifting earth around at our latest rental project in Sharjah, UAE.

FAQs related to the largest wheel loaders in the world

1. What is the largest capacity front end loader?

The largest capacity front end loader in the world is the Komatsu WA2350 (aka Komatsu P&H L-2350), formerly LeTourneau L-2350. It has a super-high lift capacity of 54 tons, 276 metric tons operating weight and a max bucket capacity of 53 cubic meters.

2. What is the largest Volvo loader?

Compared to this list of world’s largest wheel loaders, the largest Volvo loader would sit near the end with its flagship loader; the Volvo L350H wheel loader. A 56-ton machine that’s been upgraded over the years for maximum productivity and lesser fuel consumption. While not being a popular choice for mining, it’s quite the achiever on heavy-duty construction projects.

3. What is the largest skid loader CAT makes?

In terms of size, skid steer loaders, or compact track loaders don’t compete against wheel loaders. The largest skid loader made by Caterpillar, however, is the 299D3 XE compact track loader, with a 5.3-ton operating weight and a 1.6-ton loading capacity.

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