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Social: Ideal REDLINE by Dynapac Asphalt Pavers

6 October, 2023
By Al Marwan
Social: Ideal REDLINE by Dynapac Asphalt Pavers

A properly paved road lasts upwards of 20 years when built and maintained using the right equipment. Which is when asphalt pavers come into play. There are a number of good asphalt pavers brands out there, but selecting the right one for your business is where the money’s at. First of all, you should look at where you’re paving and what for. Then, you want to look at whether the brand you’re buying into offers the right support for you when issues arise.

Take a look at a few quick facts about why the DRF70-25C asphalt pavers from REDLINE by Dynapac are a good choice:

Al Marwan Heavy Machinery is the official dealer of REDLINE by Dynapac products in the UAE. What this means to our customers is that when they buy asphalt pavers carrying the Dynapac logo, they’re not walking out of the shop with just that. As brand partners, we provide service contracts, extended warranty packages, and maintenance and repair services. With OEM Dynapac REDLINE asphalt pavers parts readily available in stock, there’s no room for downtime.

Click here to learn more about our REDLINE by Dynapac asphalt pavers.

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