World Attachments: Turning Excavators into Screeners and Crushers

14 December, 2023
By Al Marwan
World Attachments: Turning Excavators into Screeners and Crushers

Established in 2018 and based in the bustling hub of Dubai, UAE, World Attachments has carved a niche in the market with a clear, ambitious promise: to transform standard excavators into highly efficient screening or crushing processing plants. Partnering with Al Marwan Heavy Machinery, the local manufacturer produces quality screener and crusher buckets that help contractors make the most out of their excavator, while saving costs.

World Attachments: Inception of Mobile Crushing and Screening Solutions

From its inception, World Attachments has been driven by a profound understanding of the earthmoving industry, gained through years of hands-on experience. This deep-rooted knowledge has shaped their strategy, focusing on delivering products that are not just versatile but also eco-friendly. They recognize the significance of ecological considerations in today’s industry and have dedicated themselves to this ethos.

A World Attachments C-2400 crushing bucket
A World Attachments C-2400 crushing bucket

Product Overview: Crushing and Screening Buckets

These attachments redefine the capabilities of standard excavators, enabling them to perform specialized processing tasks with unmatched efficiency.

1. Crusher Buckets

The crushing buckets are designed to manage the complete recycling cycle directly on-site, showcasing remarkable versatility and sustainability. Their range starts at 2.5 tons all the way up to 4.7 tons, catering to 15-ton to 50-ton excavators.

2. Screener Buckets

The screening buckets excel in sorting large quantities of material, ensuring high-quality output for various re-uses. They offer two models of the screener bucket with a load capacity between 1.2 to 2.2 m3.

World Attachments is guided by a mission to provide the most efficient earthmoving machinery and equipment for a range of industries, including construction, demolition, excavation, mining, and recycling. Their vision is a testament to their commitment: offering environment-friendly earthmoving solutions. This dual focus on efficiency and ecology is not just a business strategy but a reflection of their responsibility towards achieving the region’s NET-Zero aspirations.

Industries and Applications

The application of World Attachments' products spans a broad spectrum of industries. From demolition sites and bustling quarries to challenging mining operations, their attachments are designed for optimal performance. They also play a critical role in road works, agriculture, and grounds maintenance, proving their adaptability and efficiency in various settings.

The WA-C3500 crushing bucket during a demo
The WA-C3500 crushing bucket during a demo

Impact on Recycling and Efficiency

A cornerstone of World Attachments' philosophy is the emphasis on sustainability. Their crushing buckets play a pivotal role in recycling, with over 85% of waste materials being recoverable and reusable. This not only promotes environmental responsibility but also enhances operational efficiency. The screening buckets are equally impressive, swiftly sorting materials for different uses while maintaining quality and value.

Breaking shafts of the World Attachments lineup of crusher buckets
Breaking shafts of the World Attachments lineup of crusher buckets

World Attachments stands as a symbol of progress in the earthmoving industry. Their commitment to innovation, coupled with a deep respect for ecological balance, positions them as a forward-thinking leader in the sector. The versatility and efficiency of their products are not just business advantages but also contributions to a more sustainable future.

As the authorized distributors of World Attachments, Al Marwan is supplying local contractors with OEM machinery attachments, service, and genuine parts to keep operations running smoothly. Discover the full product lineup to learn how these innovative attachments can revolutionize your operations and contribute to more efficient, environmentally responsible projects.

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