Jisung Jackhammers: Breaking Through Rock and Concrete

3 January, 2024
By Al Marwan
Jisung Jackhammers: Breaking Through Rock and Concrete

When it comes to heavy-duty demolition, Jisung jackhammers stand out as a reliable and efficient choice. Known for their powerful performance in breaking through rock and concrete, these tools have become essential in construction, mining, and quarry industries. Jisung, established in Korea in the mid-nineties, has consistently provided solutions that blend quality with affordability. Their hydraulic rock breakers and excavator attachments are designed to exceed the demands of challenging environments. As we unpack Jisung's legacy and its impact on the heavy equipment sector, you'll discover how these tools have become the go-to choice for professionals seeking both effectiveness and economic viability.

The Jisung JSB Series of Hydraulic Rock Breakers

Jisung's JSB series of rock breakers is a showcase of innovation, merging robust design with advanced technology to cater to the construction, mining, and quarry industries. Let’s review the three main innovations within their product line:

1- Valve Types for Every Application

At the heart of the JSB series are two distinct valve types, each catering to specific operational requirements:

Inward Valve System: Offers easy maintenance and superior destruction power, thanks to its high-density accumulated gas. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Outward Valve System: Features a design that allows for faster and easier replacement of the external valve. This system operates under low gas pressure, reducing stress on the breaker and base machine.

2- Innovative Design Features

Jisung's JSB series is renowned for its exceptional design features that enhance durability and efficiency:

Advanced Through Bolt Design: Ensures a longer service life with a specialized heat treatment process.

Reinforced Back Head: Utilizes charged nitrogen gas to accumulate impact energy, contributing to powerful performance.

Durable Valve System: Designed for ease of repair and replacement, minimizing downtime.

Minimized Wear Parts: The cylinder's design reduces the number of parts prone to wear, cutting down on maintenance costs.

High Quality Steel Piston: Prolongs service life, ensuring sustained performance.

Easy to Replace Front Head Cover: Enhances the ease of maintenance.

Customized Solutions for Enhanced Performance

Recognizing the varying demands of different work environments, Jisung offers customized solutions within the JSB series:

ABF (Anti-Blank Firing) System: This optional system prevents the hammer from striking when not in contact with material, preserving the hammer's integrity and prolonging its life.

Auto-Greasing Device: An innovative addition that ensures consistent lubrication, vital for maintaining the health and longevity of the hammer.

Jisung (JSC) ARES jackhammer fitted on a KOBELCO excavator as a machinery attachment for demo work
Jisung (JSC) ARES jackhammer fitted on a KOBELCO excavator as a machinery attachment for demo work

The JSC ARES Rock Breaker Series: For Extreme Conditions

In 2017, Jisung launched the ARES series, a line of rock breakers designed for the most demanding work environments. This series stands as a testament to Jisung's engineering prowess, tailored for heavy-duty operations that require unparalleled strength and endurance.

Innovative Construction and Materials

The ARES series is notable for its use of premium materials and advanced construction techniques:

Piston: The pistons in the ARES series are made from anti-scratch, high-quality SNCM26V carbon steel bar plate. This material choice ensures durability and resilience in harsh working conditions.

Body Construction: The body of each ARES jackhammer is constructed from Hardox 400 steel, renowned for its toughness and impact resistance, making it ideal for extreme demolition tasks.

Chisel Materials: The chisels are crafted from AE4140M2 carbon steel rod, optimized with advanced heat treatment technology. This results in a lower replacement cycle, ensuring consistent performance over time.

Front Cover, Ring Bush, and Tool Pin: These components are made from robust SNCM439 low alloy steel, infused with nickel and chromium. This composition guarantees longevity and quick replaceability, underlining the ARES series' commitment to efficiency and durability.

Designed for Ease of Maintenance

The ARES series also stands out for its maintenance-friendly design. Each model features ample room for accessing and servicing key components like the valve, accumulator, piston, and through bolt. This design consideration ensures that maintenance is straightforward and less time-consuming, contributing to increased operational uptime.

Auto Greasing System

An essential feature of the ARES series is the basic auto greasing system. This system plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of the hammer by ensuring consistent lubrication. Regular lubrication is key to preserving the internal components, extending the life of the hammer, and maintaining optimal performance levels.

Jisung (JSC) 20GT BL jackhammer used as a machinery attachment for a backhoe loader
Jisung (JSC) 20GT BL jackhammer used as a machinery attachment for a backhoe loader

Versatile Jackhammer Tool Types for Every Application

Jisung's commitment to versatility and precision is evident in the array of tool types available for their rock breakers, catering to a wide range of applications. Each tool type is designed with specific tasks in mind, ensuring optimal performance across various demolition scenarios.

1. Moil (Normal/Long Configuration)

The moil is a universal tool, perfect for breaking rock and concrete. Its configurations, normal and long, cater to different depth requirements, making it adaptable to a variety of breaking tasks.

2. Cone

Ideal for work on soft and non-abrasive materials, the cone tool type is a versatile option for projects requiring a gentler approach, ensuring efficiency without excessive wear.

3. Chisel

Primarily used in mining, trenching, groundwork, and slope breaking, the chisel tool type is a robust option for penetrating hard surfaces and performing precise demolition work.

4. Asphalt Cutter

Designed for cutting through asphalt or frozen ground, this tool type is essential for road construction and maintenance tasks, offering a clean and effective cutting solution.

5. Blunt

The blunt tool is ideal for mining block holing and breaking, as well as for removing slag. Its design is optimized for heavy-duty breaking tasks where precision is key.

6. Slab Buster

A wider blunt tool, the slab buster is specifically designed for slab demolition. Its broader surface area reduces wear, making it a durable option for large-scale demolition work.

7. Tank Cutter

Unique in its design, the tank cutter features a two-tip breaking system, ideal for special container chopping applications. This tool type is tailored for precision and efficiency in niche demolition scenarios.

KOBELCO SK380 excavator coupled with a Jisung JSC jackhammer on a demolition job in Dubai
KOBELCO SK380 excavator coupled with a Jisung JSC jackhammer on a demolition job in Dubai

JSC's Diverse Range of Excavator Attachments

Beyond their renowned rock breakers, JSC offers a comprehensive suite of excavator attachments, each designed for specific applications across various industries. Here’s a list of the full heavy machinery attachments JSC provides:

General Crusher/Shear

Ideal for building demolition, this attachment is designed to dismantle structures efficiently and safely, making it a crucial tool in urban redevelopment projects.


Engineered to crush reinforced concrete, the pulverizer is essential in recycling and demolition operations, turning large concrete structures into manageable pieces for processing and disposal.

Demolition Grapple

This versatile attachment is designed for clearing, demolishing, and disposing of waste materials like rock, pipe, scrap iron, and logs. It's an invaluable tool for cleanup and preparation in construction and demolition sites.


A unique 360º auto-rotating, low-noise, high-frequency piledriver, it's particularly effective for the extraction of sheet piles, tubes, and H beams. Its powerful centrifugal force makes it ideal for foundation work in construction.


Suitable for excavators ranging from 2.5 to 32 tons, the compactor is equipped with a cushioned elastomer to protect the machine and operator from vibration. It's highly effective in compacting soil in narrow ditches, and for road and foundation building.

Orange Grapple

Designed for recycling centers, this grapple can be fitted on 12 to 45 ton base machines. Its ability to rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise makes it highly versatile for handling and sorting various materials.

Quick Coupler

This attachment facilitates quick hitch and unhitch motions, reducing vibration and enhancing safety with a lock pin valve. It can be fitted on excavators from 3 to 32 tons, streamlining equipment changes on the job site.

Stone Grab

Used primarily in landscaping, demolition, and stone layering, this attachment can fit on 3.5 to 32 ton base machines. It's designed for handling and precise placement of stones and other materials.

Clamshell Bucket

Ideal for handling, loading, and unloading industrial waste, grains, sand, and rock, this bucket uses one or two vertical cylinders for efficient operation. Constructed from Hardox steel, it's built for durability and versatility.

Jisung's diverse range of rock breakers and excavator attachments, exemplified by the JSB and ARES series, represents a significant advancement in the heavy equipment industry. Al Marwan Heavy Machinery, as the authorized distributor of Jisung equipment in the UAE, supply top-tier, reliable solutions closer to construction, quarrying, and mining professionals in this region. Discover the full lineup of JSC jackhammers available for sale.

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