Sharjah - Khor Fakkan Road: Building 89km through Mountain

16 January, 2023
By Al Marwan
Sharjah - Khor Fakkan Road: Building 89km through Mountain

To build a massive, high-profile government project in a rough environment, every day and every dirham counts. The AED 5.8 billion, 89 km Khor Fakkan road will aid Sharjah commuters by connecting the emirate to Khor Fakkan, cutting travel time by 45 minutes. It not only benefited the residents of Sharjah and Khor Fakkan, but also helped villages, estates, and small towns around the mountain, such as Shis (or Shees), Diftah, and Masafi, get to their destinations in record time. Although it includes five tunnels, the road will run primarily above ground — and it’s on this portion of the project where Al Marwan Heavy Machinery’s expert road building equipment rental division made a difference.

Speeding Excavation by Energizing Uptime

At the site of the Khor Fakkan road, Al Marwan Construct was digging and blasting their share (27 km) of an 89 km road through mountainous terrain that will connect the rest of the road to Khor Fakkan. Construction crews were working on miles of road, three underpasses, ten water culverts, and ten bridges.

A fleet of trucks and excavators on Al Marwan Machinery's fleet at SHJ-Khor Fakkan Road
A fleet of trucks and excavators on Al Marwan Machinery's fleet at SHJ-Khor Fakkan Road

Limited time and resources were key challenges of this major project. This is why hiring an efficient powerhouse such as Al Marwan Machinery was the best way to go, with their highly trained operators and quality heavy machinery available.

Going for maximum productivity, over 243 units of heavy construction equipment were on the site, along with 480+ operators to limit any unexpected downtime. Due to the pressing nature of the project, rotating shifts were in place to cover a total operability period of 24/7, day and night.

“Al Marwan Heavy Machinery has really helped us with the speed of excavation,” said Amer Al Zaiem, Al Marwan Construct project engineer for the Sharjah-Khor Fakkan road building project. “Traditional operation would have taken us a lot longer to finish a major road building project such as this. Having Al Marwan Machinery allowed us to excavate, blast, and grade very quickly.”

Complex Telematics Support

Al Marwan Machinery also made the high-tech monitoring systems work for them throughout the excavation site.

Adding to the myriad challenges was the fact that the construction sites are located in environmentally difficult areas. At the Khor Fakkan site, for example, the engineers had to account for machinery failures caused by rock-hard mountains adjacent to the road and to ensure that the extreme-duty excavation did not impact the operations on the rest of the road.

This meant that breakdown of the machinery was a foreseen result. To battle this, a team that supervises operation telematics as well as the operators that monitor the productivity of the machines on site worked hand in hand to limit major equipment failures.

Al Marwan Machinery has the right mechanics and preventive maintenance available 24/7 to ensure all equipment will work without breakdown. As well as the right number of highly skilled operators with efficient safety training.

Keeping Excavation Going

Al Marwan Heavy Machinery provided several mobile workshops to cover all excavation sites, as well as a standard fixed workshop to accommodate the needs of the large-scale project.

Daily maintenance checks included changing oil for all 240+ machinery, regular machinery upkeep for over-worked equipment, as well as fabricating and supporting the needed heavy equipment attachments as required.

Work ensued 24/7 on the major excavation project at Sharjah-Khor Fakkan Road
Work ensued 24/7 on the major excavation project at Sharjah-Khor Fakkan Road

This collaborative work resulted in achieving zero injuries, zero accidents, and zero downtime. These safety standards helped Al Marwan Machinery take the TÜV certification home.

Making History

A commitment to solving problems and providing innovative solutions, along with decades of experience in contracting and engineering allowed Al Marwan Heavy Machinery to help the stakeholder stay on time and on budget.

1.6 million cubic meters were excavated throughout Al Marwan Construct’s project, and that is no small number when compared to the amount of effort put into realizing this major project for the cities of Sharjah and Khor Fakkan.

After excavation work was complete, Al Marwan's road building equipment rental fleet went in to give the project an enduring finish
Al Marwan's road building equipment rental fleet gives the construction project an enduring asphalt finish

“Al Marwan Machinery has been a good partner on a very difficult road building project,” Al Zaiem continued. “Their support system is very accurate, so it allows us to keep working through daylight and nighttime. Excavation was a lot quicker, and their technical support was efficient, and they’re easy to work with.”

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