Heavy Equipment Rental for Big Screen Blockbusters

5 March, 2023
By Al Marwan
Heavy Equipment Rental for Big Screen Blockbusters

In mid-November 2022, Nefzer Special Effects GMbH was preparing to shoot their latest blockbuster, aiming to create stunning visual effects to captivate audiences. However, they were facing a challenge in acquiring the necessary heavy equipment to bring their creative vision to life.

“We experienced a lot of unprofessional behavior regarding machinery from other heavy equipment rental companies in the UAE before.” Gerd Nefzer, manager at Nefzer Special Effects, explained the challenges the company had faced before reaching out to Al Marwan Heavy Machinery.

Heavy Equipment Rental: More than Construction

They later found out that Al Marwan Machinery also caters to the entertainment industry, including movies and events. The special effects company contacted them and explained what they required, and the heavy equipment rental company promptly provided the equipment, namely; the next-gen CAT 395 long-reach excavator. “Working with Al Marwan Machinery was a game changer for us and we were delighted by their professional conduct.” Nefzer said.

The equipment was used to create stunning visuals for the upcoming movie, and it was also used to help the production managers move around large pieces of set. This is due to the experienced operators that Al Marwan Machinery provides with every machine rental. Nefzer said that “the machines were the perfect tools to create impressive movie effects which enabled us to not only accomplish our job but also allowed us to receive positive feedback from our clients. The director, actors, producers, crew, and even HH the Prince of Abu Dhabi who was visiting us on set were amazed by this setup.”

Al Marwan Machinery's expansion into serving the entertainment industry has proven to be a smart move, generating new business prospects. The positive feedback from the special effects company is evidence of their capability to serve a broader clientele, beyond the construction sector. Al Marwan Machinery's ability to promptly meet the movie company's demands and offer exceptional equipment quality has established a successful partnership, benefiting both parties.

The large CAT 395 long-reach excavator being mobilized to the movie set in Abu Dhabi
The large CAT 395 long-reach excavator being mobilized to the movie set in Abu Dhabi

“We,” Nefzer continued, “were deeply content with Al Marwan Machinery’s operators and would gladly work with them again in the future whenever we need heavy equipment for rent”.

Planning your next movie production or event? Elevate your project with Al Marwan Machinery’s top-notch heavy equipment rental solutions. Contact us today to discuss how we can cater to your unique requirements and bring your creative vision to life.

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