Enhancing King Abdulaziz Rd: A Commuter-Heavy Sharjah Street

25 April, 2023
By Al Marwan
Enhancing King Abdulaziz Rd: A Commuter-Heavy Sharjah Street

The redevelopment of King Abdulaziz Road in Sharjah was a significant project aimed at improving transportation infrastructure in the area. Al Marwan Construct, one of the top UAE road construction companies, was selected as the main contractor for the project, which included the building of two underpasses, a double-deck bridge, and a 550m-long viaduct.

Overview of the Road Building Project

The double-deck bridge, spanning 1.8km, was a significant feat of engineering and design, requiring precision and attention to detail. The flying saucer junction, with its 12 modified signalized junctions, maximized ease of movement on the road. The road building project- which has revitalized this main Sharjah street, was completed on time and within budget, with the help of over 232 units of Al Marwan Heavy Machinery's heavy equipment rental fleet operated by +500 tenured operators.

Early stages of developing the King Abdulaziz Road Building Project in Sharjah, UAE
Early stages of developing the King Abdulaziz Road Building Project in Sharjah, UAE

1. Double-Deck Bridge:

The large-scale Sharjah construction project, especially the double-deck bridge, was a challenging task that required exceptional engineering and design skills. Al Marwan Construct had to hire a fully-equipped heavy equipment rental fleet to overcome the challenge and deliver outstanding results. The bridge spans 1.8 km, making it one of the longest bridges of its kind in Sharjah. The section required several Kobelco crawler cranes, as well as mobile cranes for the fitting of bridge substructure. Using technologically advanced machines, the construction company was able to complete this phase of the project effectively.

2. Flying Saucer Junction:

The flying saucer junction is a unique feature of the Sharjah street redevelopment project. It consists of 12 modified signalized junctions. Al Marwan Construct, was able to deliver a modern, efficient, and safe roadway system that has significantly improved traffic flow and accessibility in the area. The heavy equipment rental company provided conventional and long-boom excavators that were fitted with standard buckets in varying sizes for the construction of the junctions. As well as excavators attachments, including Toku rock breakers and Jisung jackhammers for the breaking apart of existing concrete.

3. Viaduct and Underpasses:

In addition to the double-deck bridge and flying saucer junction, the Sharjah construction project also involved the excavation of a 550 m-long viaduct and two underpasses. Utilizing a fleet of shoring equipment and the latest trenching solutions, Al Marwan Machinery's equipment rental fleet was able to complete these structures to the highest standard, ensuring that the Sharjah street network is both safe and efficient for motorists.


The success of the Sharjah construction project was due to supplying state of the art, specialized rental heavy equipment that could get the job done with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. As Nahhas, the project manager noted, "Al Marwan Machinery played a crucial role in the success of this project. Their advanced machines and tenured operators were instrumental in ensuring that we delivered a safe, efficient, and modern roadway system to the people of the UAE. We are extremely satisfied with their performance, and we would not hesitate to work with them again in the future."

Aerial view of the interchange on King Abdulaziz Road building project in Sharjah, UAE
Aerial view of the interchange on King Abdulaziz Road building project in Sharjah, UAE

Al Marwan Construct is one of the top UAE construction companies involved in executing complex roads and infrastructure projects in the emirates of Sharjah and Dubai. The general contracting company has King Abdulaziz Road building project as a testament to their expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality Sharjah construction projects. With the help of a fully-equipped heavy equipment rental company such as Al Marwan Machinery, they were able to deliver this main, commuter-heavy Sharjah street on time and within budget. Contact us to know more about our machinery rental services and solutions.

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