2024 World Attachments WA-C2400 Crusher Bucket

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Versatile and powerful attachment for excavators Crushes concrete, rock, and bricks with ease Precise sizing control for tailored output Durable construction for heavy-duty use Boost productivity ...

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Reference No. AMH028
Working Hours 0
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  • Reference Number AMH028
  • Working Hours
  • Operating Weight 2,500 KG
  • Pressure 230 bar
  • Carrier Range < 15 t
  • Crusher 0.5 m3
  • Opening Dimensions 700 x 510 mm
  • Features
    • Compatible with a wide range of excavator models
    • Adjustable output size for precise material control
    • Heavy-duty construction for long-lasting durability
    • Quick and easy attachment mechanism
    • Safety features optimized for operator protection
    • Even weight distribution for enhanced stability
    • Low-maintenance design for cost-effective operation
    • Eco-friendly material processing on-site