2024 ABI MRZV 25VV Vibratory Hammer

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This model features a higher nominal revolution rate than the 20VV model, allowing for faster and more efficient sheet pile installation. It is designed for use in heavy-duty construction projects

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Reference No. AMH038
Working Hours 0
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  • Reference Number AMH038
  • Working Hours
  • Operating Weight 4,190 KG
  • Static Movement 0 - 25 kgm
  • Dynamic Mass 2840 kg
  • Nominal Revolutions 1910 rpm
  • Centrifugal Force 1000 kN
  • Features
    • High-frequency vibration
    • Compatible with various pile types
    • Adjustable intensity for precision
    • Durable construction for reliability
    • Quick attachment mechanism for easy setup
    • Operator-friendly design for comfort
    • Stable weight distribution for safety
    • Low maintenance requirements
    • Reduced noise and vibration
    • Innovative technology for efficiency