2024 Simex PL 35.15 Road Planer

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Introducing the New Simex PL 35.15 Road Planer, Your Partner for efficient road surface preparation and maintenance. This self-leveling planer is engineered for removing asphalt or cement layers with ...

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Reference No. AMH094
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  • Reference Number AMH094
  • Operating Weight 590 KG
  • Oil Flow 45-80 l/min
  • Pressure 250 bar
  • Features
    • 350 mm Width
    • 0-110 mm Depth
    • 150 mm max. Depth with reduced width
    • Designed to mill pre-set sections on hard and compact surfaces
    • Self-levelling system (simex patent) ensures constant planing depth
    • Lateral support slides guarantee max stability and no vibration 
    • Minimal material spill outs
    • Hydraulic side shift ensures perfect surfaces with side-by-side passes
    • Built-in water tank reduces dust
    • Drums in different widths and teeth available for various applications
    • Maximum safety and optimal visibility for the operator