2024 Simex PL 40.15 Road Planer

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Introducing the New Simex PL 40.15 Road Planer, A Trusted Companion for Precision Road Surface Operations. Engineered for the meticulous removal of asphalt or cement layers, this planer excels in

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Reference No. AMH095
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  • Reference Number AMH095
  • Operating Weight 660 KG
  • Oil Flow 65-115 l/min
  • Pressure 250 bar
  • Features
    • 400 mm Width
    • 0-150 mm Depth
    • 170 mm max. Depth with reduced width
    • Precision milling depth control: tailors to diverse road surfaces.
    • Efficient milling drum: swiftly completes projects.
    • Advanced dust extraction: maintains cleanliness, reduces environmental impact.
    • User-friendly controls: streamline operation, boost productivity.
    • Sturdy frame: ensures durability in tough environments.
    • Adaptive geometry: customizes milling depth for accuracy.
    • High-speed performance: rapidly finishes tasks.
    • Integrated dust management