2024 Simex PL 2000 Road Planer

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Unleash the power of precision roadwork with the PL 2000 Simex Road Planer. Designed for high-performance asphalt and cement layer removal, trenching, and section milling. This heavy-duty road planer ...

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Reference No. AMH105
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  • Reference Number AMH105
  • Operating Weight 1,630 KG
  • Oil Flow 130-200 l/m
  • Pressure 310 bar
  • Features
    • 2000 mm Width
    • 0-130 mm Depth
    • 130 mm max. Depth with reduced width
    • Self-levelling system: constant planing depth at all times
    • Capable of removing large amounts of material efficiently
    • Covers a broad area for faster completion
    • Floating transverse tilt with damper
    • Spray system with tank built into frame
    • Hydraulic side shift
    • Milled material remains in the work area
    • Independent Rh-Lh depth adjustment
    • Maximum safety 
    • Optimal visibility for the operator