2024 Simex TFC 400 Cutter Head

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Meet the new Simex Cutter Head TFC 400– a revolutionary attachment for 6-10 ton mini-excavators. Explore patented continuous-cutting technology, delivering impeccable surfaces and precise trenching. E...

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Reference No. AMH121
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  • Reference Number AMH121
  • Operating Weight 400 KG
  • Carrier Range 6 - 10 ton
  • Oil Flow 65-115 l/min
  • Pressure 300 bar
  • Power Supply 3800 Nm
  • Features
    • 440/500 mm Width (cutting profile)
    • 420 mm Drum diameter
    • Enhanced TFC 400 wear protection system
    • Adaptive cutting edge technology
    • Rapid attachment and detachment system
    • Continious cutting without central chain
    • Low maintenance design
    • Energy-efficient hydraulic system
    • Precision depth control mechanism
    • Noise and vibration reduction features
    • Anti-clogging system