2024 Jisung JSC Ares A200T Jackhammer

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Introducing the 2024 Jisung JSC Ares A200T Jackhammer, a cutting-edge hydraulic breaker tool crafted for your construction and demolition needs. Engineered with precision, this jackh

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Reference No. AMH150
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  • Reference Number AMH150
  • Operating Weight 1,740 KG
  • Pressure 16 - 18 MPa
  • Carrier Range 18 - 22 ton
  • Oil Flow 130 - 150 l/min
  • Tool Diameter 135 mm
  • Features
    • Control valve accumulator
    • Auto lubrication system
    • Shock-resistant housing
    • Anti-fatigue handle
    • Noise reduction technology
    • Tool-free chuck
    • Dual operation modes
    • Longer service life by optimized design and high quality special steel
    • Impact energy adjustment