2024 Kobelco CKE1800 Crawler Crane

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New Kobelco CKE1800 Crawler crane, unmatched versatility with a lifting capacity of 180 ton, it excels in a variety of applications, from heavy lifting on construction sites to delic

1Year/2000Hours Included

Note: Extended warranty only for engine and hydraulic system.

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Reference No. AMH162
Working Hours 0
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  • Reference Number AMH162
  • Working Hours
  • Operating Weight 180,000 KG
  • Country Of Manufacture Japan
  • Cab Type ROPS
  • Engine Make Hino
  • Engine Model P11C-UN
  • Engine Power 330 hp
  • Fuel Capacity 400 liters
  • Lifting Capacity 180 t x 3.75 m
  • Boom Length 85.3 meter
  • Features
    • Advanced telematics for real-time monitoring
    • Eco-friendly engine with powerful performance
    • Precision crane control technology
    • Variable boom configurations for versatility
    • Enhanced safety features for secure operations
    • Spacious, ergonomic cabin design
    • High lifting capacity for heavy loads
    • Modular Design for Easy Transportation and Assembly
    • High-Strength Steel Construction for Maximum Durability
    • Remote Access Capability for Monitoring and Control
    • Durable construction for long-term reliability
    • Remote monitoring and control capabilities
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