1993 Wirtgen 2100DC Cold Miller

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The 1993 2100DC Wirtgen cold miller is a heavy-duty road-cutting machine designed for road construction projects. With a Mercedes-Benz water-cooled engine boasting an output of 600 H

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Reference No. AS-0039
Working Hours Upon request
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  • Reference Number AS-0039
  • Working Hours
    Upon request
  • Operating Weight 32,900 KG
  • Country Of Manufacture Germany
  • Engine Power 398 Hp
  • Machine Serial *********
  • Fuel Capacity 1200 liters
  • Milling Width 2000 mm
  • Features
    • Heavy-duty undercarriage design
    • Adjustable conveyor belt speed
    • Advanced cold recycling capabilities
    • Quick-change drum housing
    • Dual cutting systems
    • Advanced milling drum design
    • Integrated dust suppression system
    • High-performance engine
    • Operator comfort and control
    • Versatile milling capabilities:
    • Advanced telematics and monitoring
    • Ease of transportation between job sites
    • Customization and adaptability