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2012 Sakai PC100 Plate Compactor

For Sale
Get the used Sakai PC100 rotatable plate compactor for great compaction on a lightweight workforce. This model features an original Yanmar engine with a power output of 3.5 kW.

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Reference No. CP-0046
Working Hours Upon request
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  • Reference Number CP-0046
  • Working Hours
    Calculated on 2022-07-19
    Upon request
  • Operating Weight 104 KG
  • Engine Power 3.5 kW @ 3600 min-1
  • Machine Serial *****
  • Fuel Capacity 2.4 l
  • Compaction Frequency 96.7 Hz
  • Compaction Width 480 x 575 mm
  • Features
    • Highly durable tension steel plates
    • Rubber shock absorber for easy handling
    • Ergonomic handlebar design
    • Bottom plate can be turned 180 degrees
    • 480x575 mm vibrating plate
    • 16.7 kn centrifugal force
    • 96.7 frequency
    • Easily transportable to various job sites
    • Easy to operate