2015 Kobelco CKS2500 Crawler Crane

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With a maximum operating weight north of 250 tons, the Kobelco CKS series features one of the largest hydraulic crawler cranes, the CKS2500. It is ideally used in various construction,

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Reference No. CRC-0305
Working Hours 7,420
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  • Reference Number CRC-0305
  • Working Hours info button
    Calculated on 2022-05-25
  • Operating Weight 217,000 KG
  • Engine Make Hino
  • Engine Model P11C-VH
  • Engine Power 363 hp
  • Fuel Capacity 400 liters
  • Lifting Capacity 250 t × 4.6 m
  • Jib Lifting Capacity 27.0 t x 10.4 m
  • Boom Length 51.8 meter
  • Features
    • 250-ton lifting capacity
    • Four-section full power boom
    • Variable free fall winch
    • Innovative lmi system (load moment indicator)
    • Multi-functional touchscreen display
    • Advanced hydraulic system
    • Precision electronic controls
    • Self-erecting counterweight system
    • High-strength steel construction for durability
    • Auto-lubrication system
    • Tilt-up operator's cab for improved visibility
    • Variable track width for enhanced stability
    • Multiple boom configurations
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