2015 Kato KR25H-V8 SR250Ri Mobile Crane

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Enhance lifting capabilities with the used 2015 Kato KR25H-V8 SR250Ri Mobile Crane, featuring the 4-section boom at a max length of 31.2m equipped with the E-Jib technology, advanced hydraulic systems...

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Reference No. CRM-0282
Working Hours Upon request
Mileage 2,961 KM
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  • Reference Number CRM-0282
  • Working Hours
    Upon request
  • Mileage
    Calculated on 2022-11-27
    2,961 KM
  • Operating Weight 26,495 KG
  • Engine Power 268 Hp
  • Fuel Capacity 300 liters
  • Lifting Capacity 25 t x 3.5 m
  • Boom Length 9.35m - 30.5m
  • Features
    • Heavy-duty lifting: handles substantial loads efficiently
    • Adjustable stability
    • Ergonomic cabin design
    • Comprehensive safety systems
    • Telematics for remote diagnostics
    • Designed for quick setup
    • User-friendly controls
    • Hydraulic luffing jib for expanded capabilities
    • Load monitoring: real-time load management