1997 Cat 14H Motor Grader

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The 1997 Cat 14H Motor Grader is a robust and reliable choice for your grading and leveling requirements. With a substantial operating weight of 18,809 kg and a powerful 240

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Reference No. MG-0045
Working Hours 1,548
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  • Reference Number MG-0045
  • Working Hours info button
    Calculated on 2022-11-03
  • Operating Weight 18,809 KG
  • Engine Power 240 Hp
  • Fuel Capacity 416 liters
  • Blade Width 4.3 meter
  • Features
    • Powerful engine: equipped for superior performance
    • Advanced transmission: provides smooth operation
    • Durable construction: withstands rugged terrain
    • Precise grading control: offers accurate results
    • Efficient blade design: optimizes grading
    • Easy maintenance: reduces downtime
    • Enhanced visibility: promotes safe operation
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