2004 MAN TGA 33.360 6X4 Concrete Truck

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Introducing the Gorica Concrete Tank Body paired with a reliable 2004 MAN TGA 33.360 truck head. This robust combination offers unparalleled performance for your construction needs. Featuring a spacio...

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Reference No. MX-0021
Working Hours Upon request
Mileage 208,489 KM
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  • Reference Number MX-0021
  • Working Hours
    Upon request
  • Mileage
    Calculated on 2023-09-26
    208,489 KM
  • Operating Weight 21,000 KG
  • Engine Power 360 hp
  • Fuel Capacity 300 liters
  • Capacity 9 m3
  • Features
    • Robust build ensures durability and longevity
    • Gorica tank reliability trusted for consistent performance and reliability
    • MAN TGA 33.360 dependability known for its resilience and capability in transportation tasks
    • 9 m3 Drum capacity offers ample space for large volumes of concrete, enhancing productivity.
    • Consistent mixing guarantees uniform and thorough mixing of concrete for quality results.
    • Integrated hydraulics
    • Fuel efficiency
    • Reinforced structure