2005 MAN TGA 41.360 8X4 Concrete Truck

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Concrete mixing trucks are a vital part of any construction equipment fleet, as they act as the quick transportation facility between a concrete batching plant and the construction site. This

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Reference No. MX-0024
Working Hours Upon request
Milage 159,602 KM
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  • Reference Number MX-0024
  • Working Hours
    Upon request
  • Mileage info button
    Calculated on 2023-09-26
    159,602 KM
  • Operating Weight 23,000 KG
  • Engine Power 355 hp
  • Fuel Capacity 400 liters
  • Capacity 9 m3
  • Features
    • Equipped with a powerful 355 hp engine
    • Reinforced suspension supports heavy concrete loads and ensures a smooth ride
    • Multiple axles to distribute the weight of the load evenly and improve stability
    • Fuel efficient
    • Emergency stop button
    • High payload capacity
    • Rotating drum
    • Hydraulic chute allows precise placement of concrete
    • Agitator system
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