2007 Interoc AN-140 Drilling Rig

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Best-in-class in the piling, shoring, and drilling category, the mini-piling anchoring rig Interoc AN140 is a used 2007 water drill machine with a net weight of 16000 kg. The track-type

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Reference No. PD-0050
Working Hours 6,184
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  • Reference Number PD-0050
  • Working Hours info button
    Calculated on 2022-09-25
  • Operating Weight 16,000 KG
  • Engine Make Cummins
  • Engine Power 140 kW @ 1900 rpm
  • Fuel Capacity 350 l
  • Features
    • Hydraulic catwalk system: efficient handling of drill pipes
    • Automated pipe handling: reduces manual labor
    • Integrated mud recycling system: minimizes waste, enhances drilling performance
    • Remote monitoring and control: real-time operation management
    • Enhanced safety features: automated shut-off, high-pressure detection
    • Dual rotary drive system: increased torque for challenging conditions
    • Customizable drilling programs: tailored for geological conditions
    • Compact footprint: suitable for confined spaces
    • Environmentally friendly design: emission control, energy efficiency
    • Modular design: easy transportation and assembly
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