Mobile Cranes, Rough Terrain, 25 ton

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Discover the power and versatility of our top-of-the-line mobile cranes in the 25-ton size class available for rent. Engineered to handle heavy loads effortlessly and perfectly suited for a wide

Available Brands

Operator's skills

Operator's skills

  • 10+ years experience
  • Certified
  • Safety awareness
  • Mechanical skills
  • Sense of balance
  • Attention to detail

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Reference No. RNT036
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  • Reference Number RNT036
  • Operating Weight 25,595 KG
  • Engine Power 182 - 268 hp
  • Fuel Capacity 300 litres
  • Lifting Capacity 25,000 kg
  • Certified Operator Included
  • Telematics Available
  • Models Available Tadano GR250N-2, Kato SR-250RI
  • Uses Lift and place materials, steel beams, concrete blocks
  • Jib Lifting Capacity 8.0 - 13.1 m
  • Boom Length 9.35 - 30.5 m