2005 Volvo FM12 6x4 Water Truck

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The Volvo FM12 6x4 Water Truck is a robust and reliable vehicle designed for heavy-duty water transport. With a substantial 5,000-gallon capacity, this truck is well-suited for construction projects a...

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Reference No. TNW-0050
Mileage Upon request
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  • Reference Number TNW-0050
  • Mileage
    Upon request
  • Operating Weight 34,000 KG
  • Engine Power 380 hp
  • Capacity 5,000 gallons
  • Features
    • 6x4 axle configuration: stable traction in all terrains
    • 5000 gallon water tank: ideal for heavy-duty tasks
    • Volvo transmission: smooth gear shifts for control
    • Ergonomic cabin: comfortable and intuitive design
    • Heavy-duty hose reel with automatic retraction
    • Adjustable spray nozzles for precise water distribution
    • Sturdy chassis: built tough for durability
    • Advanced safety: abs and traction control
    • Integrated water pump: efficient distribution
    • Versatile applications: suitable for various tasks