In the News: Al Marwan Cements Supply Lines Across MENA

14 September, 2023
By Al Marwan
In the News: Al Marwan Cements Supply Lines Across MENA

Inside Oil & Gas | September 4th, 2023 — Al Marwan Group has, for nearly 50 years, been a well–respected contracting group in the UAE. This multifaceted group includes Integrated Petroleum Company (IPC) and Al Marwan Heavy Machinery. IPC Commercial Manager Mr Houssam Dayoub and Al Marwan’s Director of Business Operations Abdalla Al Zaiem spoke with Andy Probert about the scope and expansion plans of these two subsidiaries.

Having clinched key distribution agreements to act for global manufacturers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Al Marwan Group created Integrated Petroleum Company in 2004, when it became the exclusive agent for Serva SJS, a joint venture between USA's Serva and China's SJS.

A Serva SJS OTF Hydration Unit Supplied by IPC under Al Marwan Group for the Oil & Gas Industry in the MENA region.

Since its inception, IPC has emerged as a leading cementing and pumping solutions specialist in the oil and gas industry in MENA. “This enabled IPC to focus more on clients, products and after-sales, and has flourished ever since,” said Mr Houssam Dayoub, IPC Commercial Manager. IPC now acts as a lynchpin between leading contractors and manufacturers in the energy field, primarily supplying cementing and pumping equipment, acidizing and fracturing units, downhole tools, and Laboratory Equipment.

Completely embedded within MENA's oil and gas infrastructure, IPC is much sought after by its partners for Serva SJS' cementing and pumping equipment, while offering localized after-sales servicing, support and spare parts.

Building on these accumulated experiences and knowledge, the Al Marwan Group further expanded its business in 1978 with the establishment of Al Marwan Heavy Machinery. Al Marwan’s Director of Business Operations Abdalla Al Zaiem explained how this service center for heavy machinery enjoys increased inventory capabilities by stocking bigger equipment.

KOBELCO excavator at work in the desert - Al Marwan Machinery

The addition of Al Marwan Heavy Machinery to the group’s portfolio expanded operations to serve the GCC region better, opening new branches in Saudi Arabia and Oman. Al Marwan Heavy Machinery is the UAE's exclusive dealer for new Kobelco, Dynapac, ABI, Powerscreen and Pronar equipment, and Simex, World Attachments, Toku and Jisung machinery attachments, supplying the industry with new machinery and OEM parts. It is also a trusted source for the sale of pre-owned Volvo, Caterpillar and Komatsu machinery, among other brands.

Al Marwan's rental machinery fleet comprises over 1,800 heavy construction and lifting equipment operated by over 2,000 certified, seasoned operators and mechanics. With over 32,000 work orders fulfilled, the company has been the partner of success for various businesses. The group has already been involved in numerous large-scale projects. One critical project showcasing the range and scope of their machinery fleet is the Sharjah to Khor Fakkan road construction project. Additionally, the fleet was hired to construct 11 artificial islands for ADNOC's Hail and Gasha Island project. The company is currently involved in NEOM in Saudi Arabia, supplying all-new excavators, dozers, and haulers to the megaproject.

Moreover, long-reach booms have become essential for constructing oil and gas infrastructure, enabling operators to reach areas that would otherwise be impossible to access. Al Marwan Heavy Machinery understands this, Mr Al Zaiem explained: “The deep excavation required for constructing pipelines, tanks and other facilities in oil and gas sites are easily achieved using these specialized long-reach booms.”

long-reach boom excavators at work on a construction site - Al Marwan Machinery

Being a leading heavy machinery supplier in the Middle East, this large fleet of in-house modified long-reach excavators is just one thing that sets Al Marwan Machinery apart from competitors. Such expertise successfully modified the largest 80-ton Kobelco SK850 excavator in the UAE, boosting its overall reach from 6 to 28 meters.

The broader Al Marwan Heavy Machinery takes its commitment to environmental sustainability seriously. Its Kobelco machines save clients a lot of fuel, making them economically efficient and lowering their environmental impact. Additionally, it has partnered with Pronar Recycling to bring a range of recycling and waste management equipment to the Middle East, which helps achieve a cyclical economy and a low-carbon environmental impact. In addition to the most recent partnership, becoming the official dealers for Powerscreen, a brand by Terex, to help supply powerful quarry equipment such as the Powerscreen Chieftain 2100X screener, which is one of the smartest quarrying solutions available today.

Mobile Screener at work on a quarry site in Abu Dhabi - Al Marwan Machinery

“Al Marwan Heavy Machinery is committed to adapting tomorrow's technology,” Mr Al Zaiem concluded, “to offer convenient solutions for end-users by building on a history of excellence and expertise to become a global supplier of top-tier heavy machinery solutions. While commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction are top priorities, Al Marwan's fleet and knowledgeable staff will continue to set the company apart across the industry.”

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