Kobelco Excavators: A Quick Guide to Popular Models

29 March, 2024
By Samar Yahia
Kobelco Excavators: A Quick Guide to Popular Models

Kobelco, a leading manufacturer of heavy machinery since 1930, is a testament to innovation and durability in the construction equipment sector. Their commitment to cutting-edge technology and operator comfort has made them a global leader and a popular choice for construction projects around the world.

Kobelco excavator from 1930
The 50K electric shovel, one of Kobelco’s innovations - Image courtesy of Kobelco Global

In this quick guide, we delve into Kobelco's range of crawler excavators, exploring their features, applications, and advantages.

A Range of Excavators for Every Job

Kobelco offers a wide range of excavators to suit various applications. Here's a breakdown of their size classes and typical uses:

- Mini Excavators (From 1 to 7 tons):

Ideal for tight spaces, landscaping, and utility work. These compact machines offer excellent maneuverability and can handle tasks like trenching, digging foundations, and breaking up pavement. For more, head to our compact guide of Kobelco mini excavators here.

SK35 mini excavator on job site
An SK35 mini excavator at the Al Hayyan by Alef Group job site

- Medium Excavators (From 7 to 35 tons):

These mid-sized excavators provide a good balance of power and versatility. They can be used for a wider range of projects, including demolition, road building, and pipeline installation.

SK220 on Al Kalba job site
An SK220 medium excavator at the Al Kalbaa job site

- Large Excavators (From 35 tons and up)

Kobelco's large excavators are designed for heavy-duty applications such as mining, quarrying, and large-scale construction. They offer impressive digging depth, reach, and lifting capacities to tackle the most demanding jobs.

SK500 on job site
An SK500 large excavator on a job site

Key Considerations When Selecting a Kobelco Excavator

Understanding the functions and key parts of an excavator is essential when choosing a machine. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind:

1. Application:

What kind of work will you be using the excavator for? Matching the machine's capabilities to the project requirements is crucial.

 2. Horsepower:

Engine horsepower determines the excavator's overall power and ability to handle tough digging tasks.

 3. Hydraulic Capacity:

This refers to the power available to attachments like hammers, breakers, and augers.

 4. Dig Depth and Reach:

Consider the depth you need to dig and the horizontal reach required for your project.

 5. Operating Weight:

The excavator's weight impacts its stability and bucket capacity. A heavier excavator can handle larger buckets and work on slopes more effectively.

Kobelco Excavator Specifications

You can acquire a wide range of Kobelco excavators, including the below models, from exclusive authorized distributors like Al Marwan Machinery (UAE and Oman).


Engine hp

Max. digging depth

Max. reach

Bucket digging force

Operating weight


13 hp

2.21 m

3.8 m

15.2 kN



22 hp

3.5 m

5.3 m

27.8 kN



39 hp

3.9 m

6.27 m

35.2 kN



100 hp

5.5 m

8.34 m

90.1 kN



158 hp

6.7 m

9.9 m

157 kN



264 hp

7.56 m

11.26 m

244 kN



268 HP

7.56 m

11.26 m

252 kN



344 hp

7.36 m

11.69 m

308 kN



344 hp

7.36 m

11.69 m

308 kN



490 hp

7.38 m

12.45 m

432 KN



The Kobelco Advantage

Kobelco excavators are known for their fuel efficiency, operator comfort, and innovative features. Many models boast advanced hydraulic systems for smooth operation and precise control. Kobelco is also committed to safety, equipping their excavators with features like overload warning systems and falling object protection structures (FOPS).

An SK850 large excavator equipped with a 26m long boom
An SK850 large excavator equipped with a 26m long boom

Specialized & Customized Excavators

Even if your project has unique requirements, distributors like Al Marwan Machinery can provide customization services at their specialized workshops. These alterations can include extending the boom length up to 26 meters, adding a jackhammer, or equipping the excavator with a grab attachment. These additions ensure that your Kobelco excavator is perfectly suited for the job at hand.

An SK380 medium excavator equipped with a grab attachment
An SK380 medium excavator equipped with a grab attachment

Find Your Perfect Kobelco Excavator Today

Whether you need a compact machine for tight spaces or a heavy-duty excavator for large-scale projects, Kobelco offers a wide range of models to suit your needs. Check out the Kobelco excavators lineup and learn more about how you can empower your projects with their unparalleled performance and reliability.