Authorized Kobelco Dealer in UAE: Expert Machinery Solutions

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20 September, 2023
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By Al Marwan
Authorized Kobelco Dealer in UAE: Expert Machinery Solutions

In the booming construction landscape of the UAE, Al Marwan stands out as a grade-A heavy equipment supplier to cater to this growth, proudly representing KOBELCO as the exclusive dealer of excavators and cranes for the UAE and Oman markets. With a partnership spanning two decades, Al Marwan has not only provided a gateway to KOBELCO's exceptional range of machinery but has also played a pivotal role in shaping the region's infrastructure and development.

Embarking on a Two-Decade Journey

Since the early 2000s, Al Marwan has proudly held the mantle of being an authorized KOBELCO distributor crawler cranes and excavators in the UAE. With a firm commitment to sourcing and supplying original KOBELCO machinery, the company has cultivated a reputation for swift turnaround times and excellence in customer service.

A KOBELCO CKS1350 lifting a large CAT haul truck
A KOBELCO CKS1350 crawler crane lifting a large CAT haul truck

KOBELCO excavators and cranes have subsequently become the backbone of numerous ambitious projects across the UAE and Oman, with KOBELCO hydraulic crawler cranes being dubbed as the number one Japanese crane. With an extensive range from 80, 135, 250 ton up to 600 ton crawler cranes, these machines have played a vital role in transforming visions into realities. Al Marwan’s partnership with KOBELCO has fueled this transformation, providing customers with machinery tailored to the region's demands.

Two of Al Marwan Heavy Machinery's trusty KOBELCO excavators on show at the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) yard in Dubai, UAE
Two KOBELCO medium excavator on Al Marwan's yard in Sharjah 15 Industrial Area, UAE

Driving Innovation and Sustainability

Notably, KOBELCO equipment boasts remarkable fuel efficiency, translating to eco-friendliness and a reduced carbon footprint. The technologically advanced iNDr cooling system featured in KOBELCO mini excavators is a testament to their dedication to overcoming even the most challenging weather conditions, a crucial trait in the GCC region's arid climate.

The KOBELCO SK55 mini excavator digging on an Al Marwan Machinery's rental project in the desert in Sharjah, UAE
The KOBELCO SK55 mini excavator digging on a construction site in the desert in Sharjah, UAE

Outstanding Dealer Support

Al Marwan's dedication to customer satisfaction extends far beyond the initial sale. A hallmark of the dealership is the availability of a comprehensive spare parts stock, ensuring rapid solutions even in critical breakdown situations. They also provide tech-specific consultancy, offering expertise on machine specialties, attachments, and size confirmation to assist customers in meeting their exact project requirements.

A KOBELCO CKS800 hydraulic crawler crane lifting concrete barriers in Sharjah, UAE
A KOBELCO CKS800 hydraulic crawler crane lifting concrete barriers in Sharjah, UAE

As the authorized distributor of Kobelco, Al Marwan offers plenty of flexible financing options, including lease-to-own programs to ease customers into quality machinery ownership. The dealer also offers extended warranty packages and handles in-house service and maintenance of KOBELCO machines.

Tailored for Excellence: Customization Beyond Limits

As the official KOBELCO dealer in UAE, Al Marwan ensures that each product caters precisely to the unique needs of their clients. The journey of customization commences with the selection of track configurations, allowing customers to opt for either rubber or steel tracks for mini excavators. Further enhancing versatility, clients have the privilege to choose between cab or canopy options, enabling operators to work comfortably regardless of weather conditions.

A picture of the popular KOBELCO SK850LC long-boom excavator as manufactured in-house in Al Marwan Machinery's workshop
The unique KOBELCO SK850 long-boom excavator as manufactured in-house at Al Marwan's workshop

Beyond these fundamental choices, they offer an array of optional attachments that extend beyond the confines of factory-standard buckets. This flexibility grants clients the freedom to adapt their KOBELCO machinery to the demands of specific projects, a valuable feature that resonates with industries ranging from construction to mining and beyond.

In addition to these customizable elements, Al Marwan has been officially certified by KOBELCO to manufacture long-reach excavator booms, a testament to their expertise in pushing the boundaries of what's possible. The recent creation of such booms for the 85-ton SK850 and the 50-ton SK500 track excavators showcases their capability to engineer solutions that cater to unique project requirements, achieving unparalleled reach and precision.

Expansive KOBELCO Product Lineup

Al Marwan offers an extensive range of KOBELCO machinery, expertly tailored to meet the demands of diverse industries. The lineup boasts a comprehensive selection of excavators, encompassing a spectrum of capabilities to address various project needs. From the compact yet agile SK17, ideal for navigating tight spaces, to the robust SK850, engineered for tackling substantial earthmoving tasks with precision and power, each excavator model bears the hallmark of KOBELCO's commitment to excellence.

A large KOBELCO SK500 track excavator being loaded off to Saudi Arabia
A large KOBELCO SK500 track excavator being loaded off to Saudi Arabia

Among the lineup, the 3.7 ton SK35 and the 5.5 ton SK55 mini excavators offer versatile solutions for projects that require nimble maneuverability and efficient digging in confined areas. Stepping up in size, the SK140, SK200, SK220, SK350, and SK380 medium excavators are 13.8, 20, 22, and 35 tons each respectively, provide a seamless blend of performance and versatility, capable of handling a broad spectrum of applications with finesse.

A lineup of KOBELCO medium track excavators in Al Marwan's showroom in JAFZA, Dubai, UAE
A lineup of KOBELCO medium track excavators in Al Marwan's showroom in JAFZA, Dubai, UAE

For large-scale undertakings, the 50 ton & 52.7 ton medium excavators (SK500 and SK520) present themselves as formidable machines, embodying KOBELCO's dedication to providing cutting-edge technology for heavy-duty projects. Standing at the pinnacle of the lineup, the SK850 large excavator is the largest model the company carries, at 85 tons, it’s been known to conquer the most demanding excavation challenges.

In addition to the comprehensive excavator range, Al Marwan offers hydraulic crawler cranes that exemplify KOBELCO's dedication to safety and reliability. Starting from the 80-ton CKS800 crawler crane, a popular choice for heavy-lifting solution in urban areas, due to its relatively compact design.

The midsize 135-ton CKS1350 crawler crane comes next, with an extendable lattice boom that goes up to 76.2 meters. It excels in lifting heavy structures and is particularly efficient laying-pipes and setting piles on infrastructure projects.

The largest, immediately-available model on Al Marwan’s fleet is the 250-ton 7250S crane, along with crawler cranes with a lifting capacity up to 600 tons available on a made-to-order basis. These hydraulic crawler cranes have garnered acclaim among construction and oil and gas contractors for their steadfast performance in critical operations like pipe-laying and the precise lifting of structures and equipment- vital components in the oilfield industry.

The KOBELCO CKS600 hydraulic crawler crane heavy lifting on Al Marwan Machinery's main yard in Sharjah Industrial Area 15, UAE
The KOBELCO CKS600 hydraulic crawler crane on Al Marwan's main yard in Sharjah Industrial Area 15, UAE

Through this expansive and meticulously curated range of excavators and cranes, Al Marwan is able to provide tailored solutions that empower industries to thrive. The synergy between their expertise and broad customer base and KOBELCO's innovation results in a lineup that is truly exceptional, delivering unmatched performance, efficiency, and durability to meet the challenges of the modern construction and development ventures.

Transformative Projects

The impact of Al Marwan's partnership with KOBELCO is evident in the successful execution of noteworthy projects. KOBELCO cranes and excavators have been instrumental in projects like the Sharjah-Khor Fakkan road construction, the Palm Jumeirah infrastructure redevelopment, and the building of the iconic Kalba Clocktower. These projects stand as testaments to the prowess of KOBELCO machinery in action.

Al Marwan Mchinery's KOBELCO crane CKS1350 model laying-pipes in Sharjah, UAE
A KOBELCO CKS1350 hydraulic crawler crane

Al Marwan, as the exclusive KOBELCO dealer in the UAE and Oman markets, is able to push the heavy equipment industry forward. With a rich history, a diverse product lineup, and an unwavering commitment to customer retention, KOBELCO stands as a beacon of excellence, driving progress and innovation in the region's construction and infrastructure sectors.

A number of medium KOBELCO SK220 track excavators being loaded off to Oman
A number of medium KOBELCO SK220 track excavators being loaded off to Oman

For more information about our offers and service packages we offer as a KOBELCO dealer in the UAE and Oman, feel free to reach out to us by visiting our contact page.

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