Road Building Queries: Asphalt Paving in UAE

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13 May, 2023
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By Al Marwan
Road Building Queries: Asphalt Paving in UAE

The quality of our roads impacts our daily lives in more ways than we realize. Which is why any city planner or civil engineer bumps into the question: “what’s the best solution for asphalt paving near me?” whenever a new project comes up. It’s important to locate the most convenient asphalt milling and paving contractor around, but it’s equally important to make sure the contractor has adequate asphalt paving and milling equipment.

Working on existing infrastructure means that the old road has to go, and so the journey begins with asphalt milling. Contractors use millers to tear away the worn out layer before laying a new one. But before new material can be laid, the sub layer consisting of soil and gravel needs to be tackled as well.

Asphalt paving equipment on site at Jebel Jais
Asphalt paving equipment on site at Jebel Jais

After the asphalt millings get out of the way, excavators, dozers, or graders get on stage to prepare the sub layer of soil for the new road. Also, if there are any utilities or pipings that need to be in place, specialized machines such as piling rigs and cranes will be used. Finally, fresh aggregate will be laid using an asphalt paver and a tipper truck that feeds the material into the paver’s wing hopper. The asphalt paver takes a few rounds back and forth before smooth drum rollers and pneumatic tyre rollers (PTRs) compact the freshly-laid surface. In tighter areas, smaller compaction equipment, such as ride-on rollers (a.k.a. baby rollers) and plate compactors can be used for their increased maneuverability.

A fleet of asphalt and soil compactors ensuring a proper finish
A fleet of asphalt and soil compactors ensuring a proper asphalt layer finish

To achieve such projects, contractors rely on versatile road building equipment providers. So, instead of asking the question: “where’s the best contractor for asphalt paving in UAE,” start by looking at good paving machinery suppliers.

Al Marwan Heavy Machinery understands the significance of proper road construction. That's why they offer a range of top-quality equipment, including pavers, asphalt millers, rollers, and soil compaction machinery.

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