Machinery Insights: A Look at the Large CAT 395 Excavator

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4 January, 2024
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By Al Marwan
Machinery Insights: A Look at the Large CAT 395 Excavator

When you're on the job site, the need for heavy machinery that can handle the toughest tasks is paramount. That's where the CAT 395 excavator steps in, introduced by Caterpillar in 2022. This 95-tonne powerhouse isn't just a piece of equipment; it's a jobsite game-changer, offering faster cycle times, unmatched power, and extended service intervals. Let’s explore some of the most beneficial features of the CAT 395 excavator in terms of real-life applications.

CAT 395 Redefines Efficiency with 10% More Productivity

When you're in the business of moving mountains of material, productivity is king. The CAT 395 excavator takes this to heart, offering up to 10% more productivity compared to its predecessor, the 395F. With increased power and larger buckets, you can move more material, faster. It's the kind of productivity boost that construction professionals need.

Built to Last with 2x More Structural Durability

Demands on the construction site are relentless, and the CAT 395 is more than up for the challenge. With twice the structural durability of the 395F, it's designed to take on more demanding work. Reinforced booms, sticks, and upper and lower frames ensure that this excavator can withstand the toughest conditions, making it a reliable partner for even the most rugged projects.

Saving Time and Money with 20% Less Maintenance Costs

In the construction world, time is money, and the CAT 395 excavator respects that. With extended service intervals and a significant reduction in maintenance costs (up to 20% less), this machine keeps you working efficiently. You'll save both time and money by using less oil and benefiting from improved filters. It's the kind of cost-efficiency that makes a difference on your bottom line.

In comparison to its predecessor, the CAT 395 significantly reduces maintenance needs. It requires only seven oil barrels instead of twelve over the course of 12,000 hours service intervals, with filter requirements dropping from 180 to 104. This means more time working and less time on maintenance, translating to substantial cost savings.

A 395 CAT excavator with the long stick configuration as part of Al Marwan Machinery's rental fleet
A 395 CAT excavator with the long stick configuration as part of Al Marwan Machinery's rental fleet

The Power to Move Mountains

One of the standout features of the CAT 395 Excavator is its remarkable power. It's equipped with a 543 HP CAT C18 diesel engine that meets stringent emissions standards, including U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V, and Japan 2014. This robust engine ensures that you have the power you need to tackle the most demanding tasks on your job site, leaving as little carbon footprint as possible.

Technical Specifications of the 395 CAT

Let's dive into the technical specs that make the CAT 395 a heavy hitter:

Swing Torque

With an impressive swing torque of 362 kN at a swing speed of 6.3 rpm, this excavator is built to handle constant motion on the site with ease.

Operating Weight

Just shy of 95 metric tons, this machine brings the weight you need to keep it steady during operations.

Reach and Dig Depth

With a General Purpose boom at 8.4 meters and a reach stick at 4.4 meters, the CAT 395 reaches a maximum dig depth of around 9 meters. But that's not all. In a long boom configuration of 21 meters, its dig depth capacity can be maximized to 16 meters, allowing you to reach remote depths with ease.

Heavy Duty Bucket

Equipped with a heavy-duty excavation bucket with teeth, it boasts a generous capacity of 5.2 cubic meters.

Digging Force

The CAT 395 excavator doesn't shy away from tough digging tasks. It offers a bucket digging force of 383 kN and a stick digging force of 305 kN, giving you the confidence to take on solid terrain.

The Caterpillar 395 excavator in a long-boom configuration on Al Marwan Machinery's rental equipment fleet
The Caterpillar 395 long-boom excavator on Al Marwan Machinery's rental equipment fleet

New Technology for Enhanced Performance

This next-gen 395 CAT is not just about power and durability; it also incorporates new technology features that boost its overall performance. Features like CAT Payload, CAT Grade with 2D, and CAT Grade with Assist ensure that you can work with precision and efficiency, streamlining your operations for maximum jobsite productivity.

The Caterpillar 395 excavator is more than just a piece of heavy machinery; it's a symbol of power, efficiency, and innovation. With enhanced productivity, superior durability, and reduced maintenance costs, it's a reliable partner for construction professionals who demand the best. Explore our lineup of large excavators for rent now available in conventional and long-reach configurations.

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