Heavy Equipment Spare Parts: All You Need to Know

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9 January, 2023
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By Al Marwan
Heavy Equipment Spare Parts: All You Need to Know

Buying heavy equipment spare parts can be a difficult task. With so many choices, you're likely to find yourself overwhelmed. That's why we're here to help. Read through our tips on what to look for when buying machinery spare parts, and take a peek at the different options available to see which one might work best for you.

The Benefits of Replacing Worn-Out Parts

Neglecting heavy equipment maintenance may lead to downtime. Which is why regular service maximizes your productivity, and ultimately; profit. The benefits of replacing worn-out heavy equipment spare parts include:

  • Extended equipment life;
  • Minimized downtime and production cost;
  • Increased productivity.

Any heavy machinery operator knows, when one part fails, other parts have the potential to fail too. Minimizing the risk of a component failure will lessen safety hazards for operators and the machine itself.

It's important to change worn-out heavy equipment spare parts to keep the machine running smoothly
It's important to change worn-out heavy equipment spare parts to keep the machine running smoothly

Heavy Equipment Spare Parts: New, Used, and Rebuilt

When it comes to buying heavy equipment spare parts, you have a number of options available to you. You can buy a new part, a used one or a rebuilt one. You can also bring in your faulty part for exchange with a remanufactured one from your parts supplier.

1. Buying New

Buying new heavy equipment spare parts can be expensive. However, many people believe that it is better to buy them new because they are more likely to last longer. Also, when you buy the same brand of parts for your equipment, you are increasing the chances that they will be compatible with each other.

2. Buying Used

Buying used heavy equipment spare parts is very popular with operators. Because it's difficult to find new parts for outdated models of machinery, and compared to new parts, they are significantly cheaper. It is also very important to remember that the term ‘used’ doesn’t mean outworn or non-functioning. Some risk goes into buying used replacement parts, though. Any warranties or return policies may not apply- or they may be much shorter compared to new parts warranties. Although used parts are fully functioning, they have some level of tear.

3. Buying Rebuilt Parts

A remanufactured or rebuilt part option is always a good alternative to buying new, because it does not reduce quality while being less costly. Your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) will collect the broken parts to be rebuilt with new components to match factory standards and specifications. Often, you would get the same warranty on a rebuilt part as you would on a new one. Keep in mind that the rebuild process may take a while, which may lead to an increase in downtime.

Exchanging Your Old Spare Part

This option allows you to receive a rebuilt spare part off the shelf when you bring in your broken one. It is a very good alternative to buying new, used, or rebuilt parts, because with exchange, the part is already remanufactured ahead of time and is available for replacement. One downside is that an exchange/rebuilt part is not brand-new and may need to be re-serviced at some point.

Common Parts & Components that Are Replaced Regularly

Air, oil, fuel, and hydraulic filters often need to be replaced frequently on heavy equipment. As well as certain parts and components that need to be serviced on a regular basis, such as:

  • batteries;
  • belts;
  • brake oil;
  • engine starters;
  • fuel injectors;
  • hoses;
  • hydraulic fluid;
  • spark plugs;
  • transmission fluid;
  • among others, depending on the machine.

Can You Replace All Your Parts the Same Way?

Heavy equipment spare parts such as oil filters, belts, and spark plugs need to be replaced periodically. You shouldn’t stick to one option for all your machinery parts replacement needs. Choosing between new, used, or rebuilt parts completely depends on the faulty part that you want to replace. For example, you should always buy new filters, hoses, belts, and brake lines. Because used parts here will definitely cause more damage and decrease the overall performance of your machine.

Al Marwan Heavy Machinery has a regular stock of heavy equipment spare parts
Al Marwan Heavy Machinery has a regular stock of heavy equipment spare parts

The Right Approach to Spare Parts Replacement

The best option for you will always depend on your budget and the needs of your heavy equipment. Al Marwan Heavy Machinery provides their customers with new, used, and remanufactured heavy equipment spare parts. We always recommend that you have replacement parts on hand so that you can be sure to keep your operations running smoothly. We make sure that our inventory is restocked regularly to maximize our customers’ uptime.

Al Marwan is a full-capacity heavy equipment and OEM parts supplier. Our team of professionals is available to help you on any spare parts related queries. You might be unsure whether you are after new or used parts; we are here to help. Talk to one of our friendly experts to know more.

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