Exploring Articulated Dump Trucks: The Volvo G-Series

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7 December, 2023
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By Al Marwan
Exploring Articulated Dump Trucks: The Volvo G-Series

The transition from Volvo's E and D series to the advanced G and F series marks a notable advancement in articulated dump truck (ADT) technology. These latest series, exemplified by the A35 and A40 models, demonstrate significant improvements over their predecessors in terms of efficiency, payload capacity, and environmental compliance. Notably, the naming of these trucks follows a logical pattern, with models like the A40G indicating a 40-ton payload capacity, directly reflecting their capability to handle varying materials such as sand or aggregate.

Embedded within these machines are next-generation technologies like Haul Assist and CareTrack telematics, now standard features that elevate operational efficiency and safety. These digital tools enable real-time monitoring and control, optimizing every aspect of a hauler's performance. In practical applications across the UAE, from large-scale construction projects to intense quarrying operations, the Volvo A35 and A40 ADTs have proven their robustness and reliability, adapting seamlessly to the diverse demands of these environments.

Focusing on What Matters Most: Productivity and the Environment

Volvo's latest addition to its ADT lineup, the G-Series - comprising models A40G and A45G - represents a significant step forward in meeting modern environmental and operational demands. Central to this advancement is the introduction of new turbocharged six-cylinder Volvo engines, designed to comply with the strict Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emissions regulations. These engines not only adhere to environmental standards but also enhance fuel efficiency and power output.

A standout feature of the G-Series is its sophisticated traction-control system, which intelligently switches between 6x6 and 6x4 drive modes. This system ensures optimal traction across varied terrains while maintaining low fuel consumption. Additionally, the trucks boast a 100% differential lock capability on all wheels, maximizing traction especially in challenging conditions. This feature is essential for operations in environments where grip and stability are critical.

A couple of Volvo A40G's on a construction site in the desert
A couple of Volvo A40G's on a construction site in the desert

The series also introduces a range of features aimed at improving efficiency and operator comfort. Notably, the unique inline dropbox ensures high ground clearance, crucial for navigating rough terrain. The new models include full hydraulic suspension, allowing for higher hauling speeds and a smoother ride, thereby boosting productivity. Moreover, Volvo's onboard weighing system optimizes payload management, contributing to reduced wear and fuel consumption. The standard CareTrack telematics system further enhances operational efficiency by providing vital data such as fuel usage and service reminders.

The F series, following the G series, brings its own set of enhancements, particularly in terms of maneuverability and safety, in the A35F and A40F models. The articulated steering system offers remarkable control both off-road and on highways, with a self-compensating hydro-mechanical system reducing turning circles. This feature is particularly beneficial in constrained spaces or challenging landscapes. The series also introduces new dumping functionalities, such as detent body lowering and adjustable tipping angles, managed through the onboard Contronics control system. This adaptability is invaluable in diverse applications, from tunnel work to operations under electrical wires. The F series maintains Volvo's commitment to efficiency and environmental friendliness with its 4% more fuel-efficient Volvo V-ACT diesel engines. Additionally, the Automatic Traction Control (ATC) prevents unnecessary all-wheel drive engagement, reducing tire wear and conserving fuel. The series is equipped with comprehensive differential locks and advanced braking systems, including Volvo Engine Brake (VEB) and hydraulic retarders, enhancing control and safety during operations.

Volvo Articulated Dump Trucks in UAE: Use Cases

Volvo articulated dump trucks (ADTs) have been instrumental in several major construction and quarrying projects across the UAE and GCC. Al Marwan Heavy Machinery’s equipment rental fleet, being home to the largest fleet of Volvo A40G trucks in the country, has actively contributed to some of the major infrastructure and construction projects in the region. Their sales yards also feature older models such as the A40E and A40D in the tanker body configurations, to cater to different applications.

Lineup of Volvo A45G ADTs at NEOM site in Saudi Arabia
Lineup of Volvo A45G articulated dump trucks at NEOM site in Saudi Arabia

One notable project is the Sharjah - Khor Fakkan Road construction, where Volvo trucks were critical in moving an impressive 1.6 million cubic meters of rock and debris. This feat underscores not only the capacity of these machines but also their reliability in large-scale construction endeavors. Similarly, during the Hamriyah Free Zone infrastructure development project, Volvo haulers played a significant role in transporting excavated soil and construction debris, demonstrating their versatility in various aspects of construction and infrastructure development, off-road and within urban areas. Additionally, in a recent aggregate extraction and processing project in Al Jaraf, Abu Dhabi, these trucks served as vital links between the Powerscreen Chieftain 2100X mobile screener and the excavators, handling silt extraction from the sea seamlessly, minimizing cycle times.

A fleet of Volvo A40G haulers move silt from the sea for on-site aggregate processing in Abu Dhabi, UAE
A fleet of Volvo A40G haulers move silt from the sea for on-site aggregate processing in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Volvo articulated dump trucks, particularly the A40G and A45G models, have proven their efficiency in demanding quarrying operations. Utilized extensively in limestone production, these haulers are designed to operate under rigorous conditions, moving raw material at a production rate of 850 tph of crushed limestone. They often operate for 20 hours a day, six days a week, across two 10-hour shifts, with the capacity to undertake up to 50 trips daily between excavation sites and processing areas. Such high productivity levels, paired with minimal maintenance and service downtime, underscore the durability and robust construction of Volvo ADTs, making them an optimal choice for intensive quarrying activities.

The Volvo A40G Dump Truck: Award-Winning Hauler

The Volvo A40G articulated dump truck recently garnered acclaim at the Construction Machinery Middle East (CMME) Awards, securing the prestigious title of Earthmoving Equipment of the Year. This recognition reaffirms the A40G's position as a global standard-bearer in earthmoving operations. Continuously evolving, the A40G has been enhanced with the Volvo Co-Pilot Haul Assist platform, integrating advanced features like On-Board Weighing, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and Map. These innovations provide real-time, valuable information to operators, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine in various earthmoving tasks.

The Volvo A40G articulated dump truck wins earthmoving machinery of the year award at CMME Awards
The Volvo A40G articulated dump truck wins earthmoving machinery of the year award at CMME Awards

Volvo articulated dump trucks have become a go-to choice in the industry due to their efficiency, innovation, and versatility across various projects in the UAE and globally. Their advanced features, adherence to environmental standards, and robust design make them ideal for demanding tasks in construction and quarrying. For those seeking reliable and high-performing earthmoving equipment, our lineup of used Volvo articulated dump trucks for sale offers a range of options to meet diverse operational needs.

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